For the Love of Pinterest

I love magazines.
Their glossy covers and perfume samples… the way they came in the mail once a month promising gorgeous imagery, beauty tips and fashion reports.

I would have a hard time throwing issues away, filing them by month in my bookcase, or even ripping out pictures that inspired me.

In high school I would scotch tape sassy 90’s girls to my make up mirror and reference them when I was applying my Wet n Wild 666 color lipliner.

When Pinterest launched years ago I still collected magazine images for my home, recipes and fashion religiously every month. But the moment I figured out what Pinterest was all about I felt the dam of internet content crash over me and I was exhilarated with the concept.

Some of my frayed pictures of the idyllic home garden or the perfect strawberry cake were ONLINE?! I was in.

After a while life went on and I ignored Pinterest in case I needed it in the moment. I stopped pinning and devoted my time to other social media platforms.

But recently in a business class I was reminded by my instructors how vital it is.

So this morning I sat down with my coffee in a cat mug and reopened my account as if it were a time capsule.

With the intention of cleaning out the boards and starting fresh as Party Crush Events, I quickly fell in to a rabbit hole of memories in the form of picture inspiration.

That time we remodeled the kitchen and I fell in love with English farm sinks, the year I obsessed over vintage LIFE fashion photography… that one September where I couldn’t nail the perfect apple cinnamon bread… I must have pinned five different kinds.

As I was scrolling through my carefully curated boards, I had trouble deleting a few. Ill go back and do them in time. It was just so fascinating to see the evolution of style from home to fashion throughout the last decade.

With a blank slate I am now going to pin as an event planner with focused intention. I am going to jump back in to not only inspire my own work but to inspire you as my readers as well.
I want to know what you are interested in seeing and reading about as I move forward so please talk to me.

I find beauty and ideas in all sorts of mediums. It’s amazing how it can somehow circle back to relate to entertaining one way or another.

I also think its so important to put visuals to a mood board for an event to capture the energy and feeing of how you want your party to feel. Some clients need that reference in order to jog their imagination. And its always easier for vendors when I create a collage of sorts for them to work off of. It can bring a through line to inspiration even if everyone interrupts the idea slightly differently.

The prospect is exciting!

All of a sudden I feel like that 16 year old girl again with magazines piled by my bedside and a pair of scissors on top. Let’s create but this time… together.