Why do I need a party planner?

I get asked this question all the time. People have a hard time grasping why its important to bring someone like me in to their life event.

I totally get it! I do!

I recently had the same experience building my website… but my question was, why do I need a copywriter?

I write. I love to write.

I write a blog. I write short stories, letters, journal entries… I don’t get it. I can totally write copy.

Three months later I was on the phone with a professional eating my words.

I may know how to write but I am not a specialist as a copy writer.
I dont know how to make snappy little phrases, or not repeat the same word again.

How on earth could I write my own story in a concise little paragraph without freaking out that I wasn’t sounding egotistical or snobby?

The minute I hired my copywriter I told her what I wanted to convey and within a few months time, like magic, she presented it back to me in the tightest prettiest little package I could have ever wished for.

So… why do you need a party planner if you have planned big parties at your house before, you helped with your sisters wedding or you are really good at organizing things?

Well, there are a few reasons.

One: if you are celebrating a major milestone you should be able to enjoy it.

I take all of the stress out of the situation. At least as much as I am able to so that you can enjoy the process.
You give me your wish list and I make it come to fruition.

No research on your part, no guessing games, no uncertainty.

I have the knowledge and experience to know how to take your ideas and make them work or I will gently advise you to lean another direction.

Every party I plan, I gather more information in understanding what works and what doesn’t.

You can throw money at an event to make it over the top stunning but there has to be positive energy from the host or it can fall flat.

My goal is to keep you in that positive headspace so that you can truly enjoy the experience you are having.

You should not be thinking about whether there is enough ice or seating for relatives.

I am unflappable and an expert problem solver. So if there is something that hits the fan so to speak, my goal is that you will never know about it.

Another way that I describe what I do is… pretend you are remodeling your bathroom. You could go find a tile worker, a plumber, an electrician etc. but they are all working independently of one another. There is no one to oversee them.

Imagine your party planner as your general contractor.

I have a list of vendors who I vet out and trust implicitly. When I understand what you need in your event, I source out my trusted people to help create the event as a team.

There are many details that are often overlooked where its my job to make sure they are addressed. Room layouts, power sourcing, how vendors are working together in some circumstances… and of course abiding by venue regulations.

There are a million little questions that I have learned to pinpoint over my career. And my job is to make sure to ask these questions, smooth out the wrinkles, and create a seamless milestone for you to celebrate.

I must say I love what I do once a day.
And I really mean it.

I love to create beautiful environments… but I think the most special part of my job is watching the events unfold before my eyes and to know they will be lifetimes memories.

Shared dances, champagne toasts, loving glances expressions of love… these are the reasons I love my career.